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Velashape Questions

I had a sclerotherapy treatment done 2 weeks ago. Do I need to wait to have a Velashape procedure done on my thighs and, if so, how long?
Velashape -3 answers
I had sclerotherapy done on my left leg to treat a couple of spider veins about 2 weeks ago. There is still some minor bruising but it's almost gone. I would like to do a Velashape procedure on the back of my t... Read more
VelaShape with Vitiligo?
Velashape -1 answer
Is Vitiligo a contraindication for Velashape? Read more
Can Velashape help with flabby underarms?
Velashape -1 answer
Will Velashape help with the "wings" I have on my underarms? Will this help? Read more
Can people with Lupus have Velashape procedures?
Velashape -1 answer
I tan frequently and have no problem with my Lupus from this. I was told that people with Lupus should not have Velashape procedures done. Is this true? Read more
Can Velashape tighten skin (butt and thigh areas) after Liposuction?
Velashape -1 answer
I have some cellulite and some uneven areas after lipo. Will Velashape help with that and tighten skin in those areas? Read more
Does the velashape have a lifting effect on the buttocks?
Velashape -1 answer
Does the Velashape have a lifting effect on the buttocks? Thanks! Read more
Can Velashape be used to reduce a double chin?
Velashape -1 answer
Does Velashape reduce double chins and what are the costs? Read more
Cellulite Treatment
Velashape -1 answer
Does VelaShape remove cellulite? Are there really no incisions involved? It sounds too good to be true. Read more

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