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SmartLipo Questions

How soon after having Smart Lipo can I go work out?
SmartLipo -1 answer
What is the time period that I should wait? Read more
Can a 18 year old, non-overweight girl, am I still a good candidate for SmartLipo?
SmartLipo -1 answer
I am 18 and currently weigh about 140 at 5ft7. I am not overweight by any means and in good health and relatively good shape. I want to shed the "flab" covering my ab muscles. Am I a good candidate for smartli... Read more
Is it normal to be swollen and numb 3 weeks after the Smart Lipo procedure?
SmartLipo -1 answer
I have swelling and numbness in my back after the Smart Lipo procedure. Is this a normal side-effect? Read more
Is it safe to have Smart Lipo if you have hepatitis?
SmartLipo -1 answer
Can I have smart lipo performed to reduce the size of my belly even though I have Hepatitis C? Read more
I had smart lipo and no change after 6 weeks, what is going on?
SmartLipo -1 answer
I am still the same size as I was when i went in. I am not a petite girl with a tiny pouch to remove. I weigh 223 pounds, I measure at below the breast 42" across my belly at 47" and lower belly at 51" I was to... Read more
Is Smart Lipo helpful after a c-section?
SmartLipo -2 answers
I had a c section 9 months ago and still have an over lapped belly. I would like to get back to my original weight of 115 pounds or in the range of 105-110. I currently weigh 130. I also have severe stretch mar... Read more
SmartLipo and Diabetes
SmartLipo -1 answer
I do take medication for diabetes and heart meds, why would that prevent me from getting smart lipo since it is so non invasive. Read more

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