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LATISSE Questions

Are there any Latisse eyelash brushes that I can use on a long-term basis?
LATISSE -2 answers
The Latisse eyelash brushes I've been using are so cheap. I feel like it's a waste of product since I have to dispose them so often. Are there any Latisse brushes that are durable and long-lasting? Read more
I am 5 weeks pregnant and have used Latisse every night? I am so worried about what will happen to my baby.
LATISSE -2 answers
I am 5 weeks pregnant and just found out. I have been using Latisse every night for about 4 months. Should I be worried? Read more
Does latisse work on alopecia?
LATISSE -1 answer
I have no eyelashes would this procedure work? I have had alopecia for about 5 years. Read more
Lash tint with Latisse?
LATISSE -1 answer
Is it okay to get a salon lash tint while using Latisse? Will it impact the effectiveness? Read more
Are allowed to wear makeup when using Latisse?
LATISSE -3 answers
I use Latisse, can I use a lash tint? Read more
Will Latisse work on eyebrows?
LATISSE -2 answers
Is it safe to use Latisse on your eyebrows? Read more
Is Latisse safe for indefinite use and will it continue to maintain longer lashes?
LATISSE -2 answers
I've been using Latisse for about a year and would like to continue using it. Is this safe? Read more
Will Latisse have a residual effect?
LATISSE -2 answers
I've been using daily Latisse for six months, and love the results. If I reduced the frequency of applications, to maybe 3 times per week rather than daily, would my new eyelash thickness be maintained? Or do I... Read more
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Could Latisse help me regrow eyebrows?
LATISSE -2 answers
Or does it only work on eyelashes? Read more
Is there a risk that latisse can cause the opposite effect?
LATISSE -2 answers
Is it possible for latisse to cause eyelashes to fall out, during or after use? Read more
Which is more effective, latisse or revitalash?
LATISSE -1 answer
What are the differences between these products? Read more
Are there any side effects with Latisse?
LATISSE -1 answer
What should I watch out for? Read more
Latisse Eyelash Growth
LATISSE -1 answer
How exactly does Latisse cause eyelashes to grow in thicker? Read more

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