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Fraxel Questions

I'm 41 with sensitive skin.. How often can I get Fraxel?
Fraxel -1 answer
I am 41 years old and have very sensitive skin. Is Fraxel ok for me? If so, how often can I do Fraxel? Read more
Fraxel treatment for brown spots on face?
Fraxel -1 answer
Is the treatment effective on a brown skin from South East Asia? Read more
What is the best non-surfical treatment for under eye dark circles, is it Fraxel?
Fraxel -1 answer
II am 37 and want to get rid of under eye dark circles. I have heard about Aluma,and Fraxel treatment for under eye circles. Please suggest the best non surgical treatment. Read more
How dependent are the results of Fraxel CO2 on the doctor's skills and experience?
Fraxel -2 answers
Are the doctor's skill and experience a big factor in the results obtained thru Fraxel CO2? Read more
Can I workout post Fraxel treatment?
Fraxel -1 answer
I had my 1st fraxel to to help reduce hyperpigmentation. Is it ok to run indoors right away? Or should I wait so I don't get my face overheated? How long should I wait to run? Read more
Can Fraxel make a pre-existing skin condition worse?
Fraxel -1 answer
How does Fraxel affect any existing cancers or maladies already on the skin? Read more
How well does Fraxel work on Acne Scars?
Fraxel -2 answers
I have acne scarring (No pitting), and I have been working with a Plastic Surgeon with Micro Dermabrasions, as well as the Obagi Program with Retin A. I want something more. What type of results can I expect ... Read more
When you get Fraxel do results show immedeatly?
Fraxel -2 answers
I had Fraxel done twice. Will I see results right away or does it take longer? Read more
Can Fraxel treat loose neck skin?
Fraxel -2 answers
I have loose skin on my neck that I would like to have tightened. Is Fraxel a good choice for this, or is another treatment more highly recommended? Read more
Does Fraxel work on stretch marks?
Fraxel -3 answers
Does it get rid of stretch marks? Read more
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Is hyperpigmentation a common post Fraxel side effect?
Fraxel -2 answers
Is postFraxel hyperpigmentation a problem? What is the treatment? Does it get worse with further treatments? Read more
Can fraxel remove tattoos?
Fraxel -2 answers
Can tattoo pigment be removed with Fraxel the same way it gets rid of age spots? Read more
How long do Fraxel treatments last?
Fraxel -1 answer
Will my wrinkles start to return? Read more
How many treatments does Fraxel require?
Fraxel -1 answer
Will I have to keep coming back to my doctor's office? Read more
Can Fraxel help with loose skin on the face.
Fraxel -2 answers
Wondering which procedure provides the best results for loose skin on face, with very little fatty tissue underneath? The fraxel laser or IPL? Read more
Once you complete the four to six treatments of Fraxel, how long does it last? Is it determined by skin care and sunscreen?
Fraxel -4 answers
I am about to have a Thermage treatment and possibly Fraxel later. I would like to know if I will need no further treatments after the initial four to six treatments with proper skin care. Read more
Will Fraxel help reduce hypopigmentation?
Fraxel -2 answers
I have a 4 year old small scrape on my forehead/hair line from a car accident that has healed completely but it's now hypopigmented(almost a tad pinkish). Will this work to bring back the pigment in my skin to ... Read more

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