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Fractional Resurfacing Questions

Which fractional resurfacing procedure should I consider?
Fractional Resurfacing -3 answers
Which procedure should I consider if I am looking to correct the enlarged pores on my nose, sun damage spots on cheeks & forehead, and a few scattered red spots across my face? Thank you in advance! Read more
Why do I still have discoloration on my face after 6 weeks of the treatment?
Fractional Resurfacing -1 answer
I had profractional with micro peel treatment, however after 6 weeks of the treatment, I still have discoloration or sun damage spot on my cheek. I'm very worried at this point. What should I do? Read more
Can Fraxcel be used on the arms?
Fractional Resurfacing -1 answer
I am a red head with a ruddy complexion and wrinkles from sun damage. Read more
I have wrinkled lips and cheeks, any specific procedures for this?
Fractional Resurfacing -1 answer
I have wrinkled lips and cheeks, any specific procedures for this? I had Fraxel a few years ago and loved the results... Read more
Are there any side effects with Fractional Resurfacing?
Fractional Resurfacing -1 answer
What risks are involved? The results sound great, I just want to make sure I'm aware of all possible complications before going ahead with treatment. Read more
Is Fractional Resurfacing safe around the eyes?
Fractional Resurfacing -3 answers
I have sun damage around my eyes that is more noticeable on one side. Would fractional resurfacing be a safe and effective treatment for this area? Read more
How long on average do the results of Fractional Resurfacing last?
Fractional Resurfacing -2 answers
How long on average do the results last? Read more

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