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Dermal Fillers Questions

After having dermal fillers, can I have diamond tip facials without damaging the injectable?
Dermal Fillers -2 answers
I am afraid the suction will help to dissolve or disperse the injected filler. Read more
Filler for Volume that lasts for life?
Dermal Fillers -1 answer
First, does a "permanent" filler last for life (i.e., 50+ years), or just longer than existing ones? For creating volume (cheeks/mandibular), which one currently used in Europe would be best? (I've had Radiess... Read more
Bad effect post dermafiller and now can't smile properly. Is this normal?
Dermal Fillers -1 answer
I had cheek dermafiller two days ago- 0.5 ml per cheek was injected. Since yesterday morning and also a bit straight after the treatment, I cannot smile properly and if I try my face looks really weird- I have ... Read more
One side of my mouth is puffy, with a lump that isn't hard. The filler also feels higher up. What should I do?
Dermal Fillers -1 answer
I had Juvederm injected in my smile line. On one side there’s puffiness and what appears to be a lump, but it isn’t hard. The filler also feels higher up. Read more
best filler for acne scar
Dermal Fillers -1 answer
what is the best/preferably permanent filler options for acne scars? I have had multiple laser treatments which showed minimal results and left me with very sensitive skin and also cost me a fortune. Have been ... Read more

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