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BOTOX Questions

Is Botox dangerous if the patient has pulmonary problems?
BOTOX -1 answer
If you are 76 years old with pulmonary problems is Botox not a good ide? And if not how long does a treatment last? Read more
Is it normal for Botox to cause jaw enlargement?
BOTOX -1 answer
I had a Botox injection of 40 units for the second time in two years. This second time, about 10 weeks after the injection, I find that my jaw looks bigger and wider and feels heavier. Is there any way to resol... Read more
Is laser treatment on face safe after receiving botox or fillers?
BOTOX -1 answer
Can you do laser treatments on face shortly after receiving botox or fillers? I would like to try affirm laser 5 days after getting juviderm and botox. Read more
Why did my eyebrow get stuck? Help! So freaked out! It felt tight, like a spasm!
BOTOX -1 answer
A month ago I got Botox for the 1st time on my forehead and between my eyebrows. I got an itch on the inside of my brow, not thinking, I pressed against it & pushed up & my eyebrow got stuck, UP! It even lifted... Read more
Will the puffiness from Botox injections go away?
BOTOX -1 answer
I was injected with 30 units of Botox 7 days ago in order to address my crow's feet. The day after I noticed puffiness right on my cheek bone. I also have what appears to be a half circle under my eyes. Will th... Read more
Liquid Facelift, what is it?
BOTOX -1 answer
I don't have time to recover from a regular facelift, and I heard that a liquid facelift can provide results that are just as significant. What exactly is a liquid facelift? How do the results compare to a tr... Read more
Can Botox for hyperhidrosis (underarms) cause an inflammatory response in the body?
BOTOX -1 answer
I have been treated for hyperhidrosis in the past with Botox but after having some sort of inflammatory response to a combination of pesticides and mold, I'm afraid of putting any toxin in my body. I have endo... Read more
Should I be worried about albumin in Botox?
BOTOX -1 answer
I know albumin is a human blood derivative - could I possibly get infected with bloodborne dieases? I am worried because I receive botox for hyperhidrosis and it has helped me, but I am now worried about the ri... Read more
Can Botox be used to reduce the squareness of my jaws?
BOTOX -1 answer
I've read about injecting botox to cause muscle atrophy around the jaw lines hence making your face to appear slimmer or less square. How effective and safe is the procedure? Read more
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Can you get Lasik eye surgery shortly after Botox for migraines?
BOTOX -1 answer
I am scheduled for Lasik eye surgery on 9/24/16. I have been approved for Botox for migraines and should receive injections the week of 9/12-9/16. Is this safe, or should I put off the Botox procedure? If so, w... Read more
Is there a way to get rid of Botox?
BOTOX -1 answer
I had Botox 18 days ago, but my laugh and smile has changed. When I laugh and smile the sides of my lips go down and I look like a squirrel!! I had 10cc near my nose and 5cc on each cheek. Was that too much? Ho... Read more

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