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Can a client have a sports massage after a Botox injection to the shoulder?
BOTOX - 1 answer
A client had a Botox injection to the shoulder as a means to remedy shoulder pain. The client now wants a sports massage. Is is safe to do the massage 2 weeks after the injection? Read more
After having Juvederm injections, I developed two large lumps below my tear trough. Is Juvederm to blame?
JUVEDERM - 1 answer
I had Juvederm injections three months ago. Since then I have developed two large lumps below my tear trough.They are 1/2 inch in diameter. There is also swelling near my eyes and cheeks. The person who injecte... Read more
Are bumps and pimples normal after Fraxel?
Fraxel - 1 answer
I underwent Fraxel three weeks ago and I noticed that my face purged with whiteheads and small acne all over my forehead (but not cystic). Is this normal? Thanks for any help or advice you can provide. Read more
Is it normal for my cheek to feel hot, swollen and sore 2 days after Juvederm injections to the tear troughs?
Dermal Fillers - 1 answer
Is it normal for my cheek to feel hot, swollen and sore? Juvederm was injected into my tear troughs, now 2 days later the left side of my cheek is swollen, hot and brick hard! Is this normal? Read more
Do you have to use the Cosmelan products forever to keep the melasma from returning?
Cosmelan - 1 answer
What is the likelihood of having a "rebound hyperpigmentation" problem after getting the peel (using Cosmelan 2 products)? Will hyperpigmentation recur when/if you stop using the products? Read more
Can a person that has had a dermal filler or Botox done receive a chemical peel?
Dermal Fillers - 2 answers
Would a chemical peel cause a reaction with the fillers and/or Botox? Read more
how long will the effects of the Skin Tyte procedure last?
SkinTyte - 1 answer
Thinking of doing the skin tyte instead of Sculptra - which last longer. Read more
Will the dark brown spots that appear after Fotofacial/IPL treatments go away?
I had my first fotofacial treatment last night and the brown spots are very dark and coming to the surface. What I was wondering is will these stay this way until more treatments are performed or will some of ... Read more
How to treat skin rashes caused by chemical peels? My rashes are red, itchy and have blisters. After some days the blisters dried out.
Chemical Peels - 1 answer
I used a chemical peel on my skin and after 4 days I peeled off some on my skin. Then, when I woke up the following day the part that was peeled had rashes. It was already a week and the blisters on my rashes d... Read more
Does microdermabrasion work on both freckles and blackheads?
Microdermabrasion - 2 answers
I'm really interested in finding a treatment that can effectively address both of these issues. Can microdermabrasion help remove them? Read more
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How long does a Juvederm treatment last?
JUVEDERM - 2 answers
Will I need to repeat the treatments frequently? Read more
What to do? Botox while pregnant!
BOTOX - 3 answers
I got botox last week (bridge between nose, 20 units) and found out this morning that I'm pregnant. Im guessing I'm about 6 weeks. Is there anyway to remove it? Anything that I should do? Has anyone had a he... Read more
Is it very unsafe to breastfeed after a Chemical Peel?
Chemical Peels - 1 answer
I had a chemical peel last week and wasn't aware of the risk related to breastfeeding. Over 72 have passed and I continued to breastfeed post treatment. What have I done? Read more
Is it normal to get blisters after a chemical peel?
Chemical Peels - 1 answer
I had a Vitalize Peel four days ago. My skin is peeling as I was told it would. My concern is that I have small blister-like bumps all over my face. Is this normal? What can I do about them? Read more
Is there a recovery period after Botox injections?
BOTOX - 4 answers
How long before I can go back to my normal schedule? Read more
Under eye hollowness
Dermal Fillers - 4 answers
Can dermal fillers be used under the eyes to lessen the hollowness? If not, is there anything that can be used? Thank you. Read more
What is an alternative to an IPL treatment that lasts longer than a year?
It says that IPL treamtments will last only a year? However, I can not afford to redo this treatment every year. I have sun damage and need a more permanent option. Read more
How long does it take for the effects of Radiesse to begin to fade?
Radiesse - 2 answers
My wife got Radiesse 2 wks ago and is unhappy with the results. I've read that it will last 1 yr. Does it fade gradually or is it the same for 1 yr? Will it continue to go down over the next couple months or i... Read more
Are lumps under skin normal after dermal filler?
Restylane - 2 answers
I had a filler six months back, and as the results fade away I would like to get another filler treatment. However, I have developed a small lump under the skin in my laugh line which is not visible, but I ca... Read more
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