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Is it safe to combine a glycolic peel and microdermabrasion?
Chemical Peels - 4 answers
What are the recommended steps for combining microdermabrasion and a glycolic peel in the same service? Should you do the peel before or after the microderm? I have been told both ways and I am confused. Read more
How long should you wait in between Laser Tattoo Rremoval procedures?
I have read in several places that if you go for another procedure too soon that you would be just wasting your money. How long should you wait in between procedures? Read more
I am a juvenile diabetic. Is it safe for me to get an IPL photo facial?
My diabetic doctor is busy, and I cannot get in to see him for a few months. I would like to try one of these facials, but want an experts opinion before I do. Read more
Is there a difference between IPL Treatment and IPL Photofacial?
Or are they just two names for the same treatment? Read more
What is an alternative to an IPL treatment that lasts longer than a year?
It says that IPL treamtments will last only a year? However, I can not afford to redo this treatment every year. I have sun damage and need a more permanent option. Read more
How long will my bruising last after getting Juvederm injections?
JUVEDERM - 4 answers
What will the approximate healing time be? Read more
Is it common for a specialist to recommend Botox for the forehead if injections were made in the frown lines?
BOTOX - 3 answers
I had Botox for the first time in one area (frown lines). The doctor advised that I would also need injections in my forehead because, according to him, the muscles on my forehead would work harder to move the ... Read more
What is the difference between Broadband Light Photo Rejuvenation and IPL?
Is there a difference between Broadband Light Photo Rejuvenation and IPL, or are they the same? Read more
Which facial fillers are the most effective and longest lasting?
Dermal Fillers - 3 answers
I am a young 65 year old and might consider having a facial/jowl filler treatment . Which one is longest lasting and most effective? What is the average cost for one syringe? Read more
Can Juvederm be successfully dissolved?
JUVEDERM - 3 answers
I am satisfied with the Juvederm filler in the lines on my cheeks However, the filler placed in the labial folds beside my nose is quite noticeable and lumpy. Can this be dissolved just a little bit so that the... Read more
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Can the effects of Perlane injections be reversed?
Dermal Fillers - 3 answers
Last week I had Perlane injected into my cheeks. One cheek came out perfect, while the other became flat and hard to the touch. The problematic cheek is indented, almost like the filler went into an empty hole.... Read more
Is there any other solution for scar removal?
I had laser scar removal and am now dealing with larger scars than before. I've tried chemical peels, bleaching creams, etc. Is there any other solution? Read more
Which is better Radiesse or Restylane?
Restylane - 3 answers
I have an appt. to get Radiesse around my mouth area. Reading reviews I am thinking may be Restylane would be better, but I want it too last a long time. What do you think? Read more
Is having Cosmelan while pregant or breastfeeding safe?
Cosmelan - 3 answers
I have done the Cosmelan precedure before and loved the results. Now I am 7 months pregnant, and my melasma is returning with a vengeance due to hormonal changes. Can I do Cosmelan while pregnant or while breas... Read more
Is Fotofacial/IPL the best for wrinkles in the eye area?
Is IPL or Fraxel better for reducing fine lines and eye wrinkles? I have pretty noticeable crow's feet. Read more
Do you do botox for excessive sweaty hands
BOTOX - 3 answers
I am interested to find out if Botox can stop the excessive sweating in my hands. If so how long does it last.Thank you for your help. Read more
Is Laser Hair Removal the best way to get rig of ingrown hair?
Laser Hair Removal - 3 answers
Will Laser Hair Removal get rid of my ingrown hair for good? Read more
Can microdermabrasion eliminate my acne scars?
Microdermabrasion - 3 answers
I've heard microdermabrasion can't correct deep, uneven scarring. I'm a fair-skinned brunette. My skin, though oily, is very smooth thanks to RX creams. However, I am left with light pinks scars on my face. Can... Read more
Is Fotofacial/IPL safe for African Americans?
I've heard that because of the risk of changes in pigmentation, IPL isn't safe for African Americans or other individuals with darker complexions. Is this true? Read more
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