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what fotofacial/ipl treatments work best for mouth lines?
what works better for lines around the mouth- Genesis or IPL? Read more
How long should you wait in between Laser Tattoo Rremoval procedures?
I have read in several places that if you go for another procedure too soon that you would be just wasting your money. How long should you wait in between procedures? Read more
How can I avoid an overfilled look with Lip Enhancement?
Lip Enhancement - 4 answers
I want to have fuller lips but I don't want that 'duck bill' look of overfilled lips. What is the best way to keep my results natural? Read more
Will repeated collagen fillers make frown lines worse?
Dermal Fillers - 4 answers
I am 48, female, and have slight frown lines. Will repeated collagen fillers make it worse? Will repeated collagen fillers loosen the elasticity of the skin forcing one after many years to do surgical face l... Read more
Under eye hollowness
Dermal Fillers - 4 answers
Can dermal fillers be used under the eyes to lessen the hollowness? If not, is there anything that can be used? Thank you. Read more
What's the best acne scar treatment?
Acne Treatment - 4 answers
What should I look into for acne scars on my cheeks? Read more
I can no longer see my teeth when smiling after having Juvederm injections. What can be done?
JUVEDERM - 4 answers
I had Juvederm injections to my lips and now they swelled to the point where my teeth are no longer visible. Is this normal? What should I do? Read more
Will the dark brown spots that appear after Fotofacial/IPL treatments go away?
I had my first fotofacial treatment last night and the brown spots are very dark and coming to the surface. What I was wondering is will these stay this way until more treatments are performed or will some of ... Read more
What type of medical professional can perform LipoDissolve on patients?
LipoDissolve - 4 answers
What kind of medical professional should I consult, and what type of qualifications are required to perform LipoDissolve? Read more
Does botox work on dark under eye circles?
BOTOX - 4 answers
I was wondering if Botox or any other procedure would help with dark circles under my eyes. They look really bad, and I really need to address this issue. Thank you. Read more
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What can I do if I have lost weight in my face?
Dermal Fillers - 4 answers
Hi, I have lost volume in my face, what's the best treatment to correct my face? I lost the weight because of a car crash. I was looking at either fillers or fat transfer. Read more
Will Juvederm injection help with uneven skin after a facelift?
JUVEDERM - 4 answers
I am 70 years old and had a facelift two years ago. I have several depressions on my face and would like to know if juvederm gel would help to fill in some of the depression and give my face a more rounded loo... Read more
What is the best product to fade these brown spots?
I'm 43 and have a few small brown spots on my jaw line and one on my cheek. I can't afford to have a chemical peel- what is the best cosmetic product to fade these spots? I would like to improve the look of m... Read more
After a face lift, how long should I wait before having an Ultherapy brow lift?
Ultherapy - 4 answers
I recently had a face lift and now want an ultherapy brow lift. How long should I wait before having the brow lift? Read more
How long will my bruising last after getting Juvederm injections?
JUVEDERM - 4 answers
What will the approximate healing time be? Read more
What is the best way to treat back acne?
Acne Treatment - 4 answers
What are my back acne treatment options? Read more
Is there a difference between IPL Treatment and IPL Photofacial?
Or are they just two names for the same treatment? Read more
What is an alternative to an IPL treatment that lasts longer than a year?
It says that IPL treamtments will last only a year? However, I can not afford to redo this treatment every year. I have sun damage and need a more permanent option. Read more
Blotches from chemical peel after I got a facial?
Chemical Peels - 4 answers
I got brown blotches right after my chemical peel when I went and got a facial. I went back to show her because it looked like burns and she said it will go away when it peels. Is this true? Read more
Once you complete the four to six treatments of Fraxel, how long does it last? Is it determined by skin care and sunscreen?
Fraxel - 4 answers
I am about to have a Thermage treatment and possibly Fraxel later. I would like to know if I will need no further treatments after the initial four to six treatments with proper skin care. Read more
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