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At Celibre Medical Corporation, we strive to deliver the best results and the highest level of patient care.  Through our success, we have become a trusted name in the cosmetic laser and injection industry. 

We offer the safest and most effective treatments available.  We pride ourselves on not begin a one size fits all facility like many other laser dermatology facilities.  We have over ten different of the newest state-of-the-art lasers to treat various kinds of skin conditions, with each laser designed to treat one particular condition. 

With more than 20 lasers, 30 years experience and over 75,000 laser and injection procedures performed in the past five years, Celibre is one of the most experienced laser dermatology facilities in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA.

Our focus on providing the most effective laser dermatology treatments and injections is a beautiful thing, and we think your skin will agree.

Physician Profile

Harold Kaplan, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Dr. Harold Kaplan is board certified in facial plastic surgery and has 30 years of experience in his field.  He obtained his undergraduate degree at the University of Wisconsin and his medical degree at the Stritch School of Medicine at Loyola University.  While extremely active at Celibre Medical Corporation, Dr. Kaplan also has a private practice where he concentrates on facial plastic surgery.  He previously held the position of associate professor of Surgery at UCLA and there he taught resident physicians facial plastic surgery.  He has also held the position of director of Facial Plastic Surgery at UCLA-Harbor General Hospital.

Dr. Kaplan has been the Chairman of the Board for the South Bay Independent Physicians as well as the president of the Los Angeles County Medical Association, Southwest District.  In addition to his impressive background working in hospitals and maintaining his own practice, Dr. Kaplan has published countless professional journal articles and has contributed to medical books.  He is also very active in presenting research and teaching courses at medical surgical meetings.

Services Provided

At Celibre Medical Corporation, we provide numerous amounts of laser treatments and injection treatments.   

Remove Acne and Acne Scarring

Celibre uses acne scar laser treatments in removing acne scars. There are many different types of acne scars that develop in different ways. Textured (bumpy) acne scar develops when dense, fibrous scar tissue builds up beneath the surface of the skin. This fibrous scar tissue develops in response to the trauma of acne itself and forms during the healing process.

Repeated outbreaks (pimples and cystic acne) to the same area causes the collagen and elastin that form the building blocks of the skin to be replaced by irregularly shaped fibrous scar tissue, which then causes bumpy acne scars.

Textured acne scar types include raised (hypertrophic), pitted, rolling/shallow or "boxcar". Of these textured scars, boxcar acne scars have sharp edges and deep grooves which makes them particularly challenging to treat.

Pigmented (colored) acne scars occur in response to inflammation associated with the healing process. When acne forms, an inflammatory response brings either red (in the cause of light skinned patients) or brown (with dark skinned patients) pigment to the area. The development of pigment in response to the inflammation is a very natural part of the acne healing process, but unfortunately, leads to the development of pigmented acne scars.


Celibre provides botox injections in Los Angeles and Orange County. Botox is the most commonly administered cosmetic treatment in the world today. That’s why it is surprising how many misperceptions there are about Botox. Botox is an easy, nonsurgical injection that temporarily smoothes out moderate frown lines and wrinkles.

Botox does not paralyze the face as some of our patients have suggested. Rather, it is a highly purified protein used to relax the muscles that cause frown lines, smoker’s lines, crow’s feet and other wrinkles and is extremely effective at smoothing the skin around the eyes and forehead areas. Botox injections is also used for the Softening of the Jaw Line (Treatment for a Square Jaw).

At our Botox Los Angeles and Botox Orange County clinics, we take pride in keeping up with and offering the latest advancements and techniques. All of our Botox specialists regularly attend Allergan (the manufacturer) training seminars and independent workshops to keep up with our changing industry.

Birthmark and Stretch Mark Removal

Pigmented birthmarks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In this discussion, we'll review laser treatments for brown birthmarks (pigmented) such as cafe-au-lait birthmarks. 

Regardless of the type you have, we understand that birthmarks can be bothersome to you. That's why we use only gold standard q-switched (very high powered) lasers for birthmark removal. If you're bothered by a birthmark, and would like to consider laser treatments, call Celibre today to find out more about how our laser treatments can benefit you.

It's not clear why some babies have birthmarks and others do not. What we do know is that (brown or pigmented) birthmarks are caused by excess deposits of melanin and/or skin tissue. Generally birthmarks are benign (non cancer causing) and do not need to be treated, and normally birthmarks are removed for cosmetic reasons.


Juvederm is an injectable dermal filler that is used to shape and provide volume to the face. It is easy to use because it is less viscous (injects more easily) than Restylane or Perlane. Because it is easily injected we use it most often for filling the border or plumping the body of the lips.

During treatment, the patient is injected several times with a very fine needle in the desired locations. Because Juvederm injects easily, it is generally more comfortable for our patients than Restylane or Perlane. Juvederm also causes less swelling and bruising than other dermal fillers. Juvederm is FDA approved for up to one full year, although in our practice we have found that the product typically lasts between 4-6 months.

At Celibre, our focus is on educating our patients so that they can participate in and make sound decisions about their care. Our professional and knowledgeable staff are here to help you understand the benefits and risks of Juvederm injections. If you're interested in Juvederm, please contact us for a free consultation today.

Armed with a talented staff, Rejuvenate Vein and Skin Care offers a variety of services to help patients look and feel their best. If you are in need of a boost, book an appointment today! 
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