Wart Treatment: Imiquimod

Warts are a common kind of skin growth that is caused by the Human Pappiloma Virus or HPV, which has various different strains with different symptoms and results. Most warts go away on their own and are not dangerous, but in some cases, patients want to treat warts to remove them (often for cosmetic reasons).

Causes of Warts

Warts are often caused by contact with other people carrying HPV. A wart is a kind of “breakout” from existing HPV in the body. As a viral response, warts are sometimes responsive to anti-viral medications. Those whose immune systems are impaired or lower functioning are at higher risk for warts and other various virus-based conditions. Children and adolescents are also at higher risk than adults for some kinds of warts.

Treating Warts with Imiquimod

Doctors often use topical solutions to treat warts. One of these is Imiquimod. It is an anti-viral medication that is known to inhibit the growth or formation of warts on the body.

Other Alternatives

In addition to topical treatments, some doctors use cryotherapy to remove warts by freezing them off of the skin area. There are also surgical methods available for removing some kinds of warts, as well as new options like laser therapy. Home remedies are also popular for eliminating warts.

If you have skin growths and want to find out about the best new practices for removing them, consult your family doctor and/or a specialist in dermatology for more details on what kind of warts you have and how to best get rid of them.

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