Varicose Veins Prevention

Many people are affected by varicose veins, especially pregnant women and older individuals. They may be very troubling for some patients, as the pain and discomfort often accompanies the embarrassment that many feel as a result of the unappealing appearance of the condition.

Preventing Varicose Veins

Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent varicose veins altogether, but patients may take certain steps or make certain lifestyle changes to reduce their risk of getting varicose veins. The best resource for information regarding varicose veins prevention is a physician, although general lifestyle changes may greatly reduce one's risk of varicose veins.

What Not to Wear

Wearing high heels may increase one's risk for developing varicose veins. Wearing low heeled shoes gives your calf muscles a better work out. Muscle contractions help to move blood through the veins, so stronger leg muscles may help to improve circulation in the legs. Tight fitting garments such as pantyhose and stockings may cut off circulation in the legs. Compression stockings may be prescribed by a physician to help improve blood flow, but these are specially designed.


Staying active is a great way to improve blood flow. Not only will this help to reduce one's risk of varicose veins, it's a great way to stay in good shape. Walking, jogging and/or running may be extremely beneficial to one's circulatory and general health. Before adopting any exercise regimen, however, patients are encouraged to consult their doctor.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy may also play an important role. Maintaining a healthy weight takes pressure off of the legs and can help to promote healthy blood flow. Eating low-sodium foods and those that are high in fiber may also be helpful in preventing varicose veins.

Elevate the Legs

Keeping your legs elevated helps your veins return blood to your heart, as veins are constantly fighting gravity in moving blood back up the legs. Elevating your legs above your heart a few times a day can be beneficial in improving blood flow. Other methods for preventing varicose veins may also exist. Some doctors recommend avoiding standing or sitting for too long, as this may inhibit blood flow. Walking or moving your legs once in a while encourages muscle contraction and helps your veins return blood to the heart. Speak with a vein specialist for more information about varicose veins prevention.

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