Tips for Choosing a Sun Damage Specialist

There are various treatments for sun damaged skin, and which treatment is used often depends on which symptoms are present. Cosmetic symptoms of sun damaged skin may require various laser treatments, chemical peels or creams, while treatment for skin cancer and more serious results of sun damage may require extensive therapies. Before deciding on a treatment, patients must first choose a skincare specialist.

Who Treats Sun Damaged Skin?

Various skincare professionals may be called upon to provide treatment for the symptoms of sun damage. Skin cancer requires the attention of a fully trained and licensed physician, while cosmetic treatment for symptoms of sun damage may be performed by a dermatologist, family doctor, esthetician, medical spa specialist, nurse or other certified skincare professional.

How to Choose a Specialist

Before deciding to receive treatment at a certain clinic, patients should be sure that it is close to home to avoid a lengthy commute following treatment. In some cases, patients may be encouraged to be driven by a friend or family member. The qualifications of the skincare professional and their staff is perhaps the most important determining factor.

When receiving treatment for skin cancer, factors such as the physician's qualifications, experience, certifications and past successes are very important. Clinics should be clean and fully equipped to provide a safe and effective treatment.

Informational Resources

Determining a skincare professional's qualifications and certifications is an important part of choosing the right specialist. Medical Licensing Boards are a good resource to determine if a certain physician is certified. Past patients and referrals are also helpful in choosing a specialist.

Before receiving treatment, patients should make sure that they feel safe and comfortable receiving treatment from a particular skincare professional.

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