Melasma Treatment: Ag3derm Cream

A melasma treatment will not cure the skin disorder, but it can dramatically improve the appearance of the skin. Various treatments such as topical creams and peels are often used to remove the skin pigmentation problems associated with melasma. These treatments are designed to slowly exfoliate the skin while removing the dark patches. The effectiveness of these treatments depends on how often they are applied to the skin and how long you use them to get the desired results.

How To Use Ag3derm Topical Treatment

Ag3derm is a topical cream that can be used to eliminate the dark patches of melasma that affect the nose, upper lip, forehead and upper cheek. The cream is effective in removing sun-damaged skin cells, and this turn makes the skin look more radiant and youthful. Ag3derm is also used to treat a variety of other skin blemishes that includes age spots, sun spots, flat moles, liver spots, freckles, keratosis and warts.

Your hands should be washed thoroughly before and after using the treatment. Use your fingertip or a non-metallic applicator to apply the cream to the affected areas twice per day. With continued use of the Ag3derm cream, you will notice visible results as the skin discoloration eventually disappears.

Ag3derm Side Effects

While some users may not experience noticeable side effects from using the cream, others may experience side effects that consist of redness and tenderness around the affected areas. The duration of these side effects may continue for several weeks, even after the treatment is discontinued.

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