Cost of Sun Spots Treatment

Getting rid of sun spots is usually done through certain laser treatments. Sun spots, also called age spots, liver spots, lentigos or lentigines, are the result of excessive sun exposure and are common as people age.


Preventing sun exposure is the best way to avoid sun spots altogether. Sun spots appear primarily on areas of the body that get a good deal of sun exposure, such as the neck, chest, face, arms and the back of the hands. This is because UV rays from the sun cause sun damage that leads to sun spots. Wearing sun screen or the proper clothing when outdoors is the best way to avoid sun spots. The price of sunscreen may vary, but the lower end of the spectrum is around $5.

Cosmetic Treatments

Chemical peels have been used to provide treatment for sun spots. There are different degrees of chemical peels available from the lightest, most superficial peel to the very deep peels that affect the dermis. The cost of chemical peels runs around a couple hundred dollars for lighter peels and over $5,000 for deeper peels. Laser resurfacing is also used to treat sun spots. Non-ablative laser resurfacing treatments may cost a few hundred dollars, while ablative techniques may run up to a few thousand dollars. Intense pulsed light therapy is also an option. These treatments may run anywhere from $300 to $650 per session. Prices may vary from one clinic to the next. For an accurate quote of treatment for sun spots, contact a medical spa or skincare professional's office.

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