How to Prevent Stretch Marks

Many people would like to know how to prevent stretch marks, as these skin imperfections can only be treated with aggressive plastic surgery. There are a few means of preventing stretch marks, but it is important to know how the stretch marks develop.

How Stretch Marks Develop

Stretch marks develop due to a sudden expansion of the skin. This may happen during adolescence, pregnancy or massive weight gain that happens in a short period of time.

The skin is elastic, but can stretch only to a certain extent. If the limit is exceeded, the skin will be damaged and the stretch marks will occur.

Preventing Stretch Marks

Stretch marks can be prevented if the patient knows the skin is about to expand, due to growth, pregnancy or weight loss. Stretch marks may be prevented by applying moisturizing creams on the skin during the growth process. The skin will be constantly hydrated, so it will be more likely to expand without leaving a mark.

The creams used should also contain collagen stimulants, which will make the skin more elastic, so it can stretch more without causing the formation of stretch marks. Gentle massages on the skin are also recommended, as these massages can help the stretching of the skin.

During the pregnancy or a growing period, the patient should drink plenty of water, which will maintain the skin healthy and hydrated, so it is less likely to form stretch marks.

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