What is the Shingles Vaccine?

The shingles vaccine is a rather new development in the world of medicine. Below is a description of the shingles vaccine, who should receive the vaccine, and whether the vaccine is recommended and effective.

The Shingles Vaccine

The shingles vaccine releases a small amount of the vaccine into a patient’s body. In theory, by releasing this small amount, the body is able to fight off the virus, making it less likely that the virus will develop in the first place. The contents of the vaccine include a very small amount of the developed virus.

Opinions about the success of the vaccine are varied. As it is relatively new, there is little data about whether the vaccine works. However, it is likely that the vaccine will be effective in preventing some to most chances of a patient developing shingles.

Who Should Receive the Vaccine

There are several factors that increase the risk of shingles. These risks include stress, trauma and a suppressed immune systems. Additionally, elderly individuals or those over the age of 60 are at risk for shingles. Because of this, those individuals that fit into these categories are recommended to receive the vaccine.

However, this does not mean that younger individuals should not receive the vaccine. If a family member has fallen ill with shingles, the remaining family members should receive the vaccine. Additionally, a child or adult with a suppressed immune system due to another disease or treatment for that disease, such as cancer, might want to consider receiving the vaccine.

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