Shingles Illness: Finding Support

Shingles illness is painful and can last quite long. Many times, individuals afflicted by the illness rely on support groups or other types of support to get them through the disease. What is most important, though, is to find the information you need and use it to assist yourself in managing your pain and curing your illness as fast as possible. Below is a description of the types of support groups that may be available and where to find them.

Support Groups

Shingles support groups exist to provide afflicted individuals with an outlet to discuss their illness and receive advice and other types of support from other, similarly situated patients. Many hospitals and clinics offer space to these groups, which can meet as often as once a week or as little as once a month. Ask your physician or contact your local hospital to see if one of these support groups exists near you.

These groups can provide you with an outlet to discuss your pain and other side effects of the illness. Physician referrals, benefits and drawbacks of medications and at-home pain relief methods can all be found through these support groups.

Physician Referrals

While physicians are help to a privacy code about their patients, they may be willing to put you in contact with other shingles patients, provided both parties agree. Discuss with your diagnosing and treating physician whether he sees other patients that are affected by the illness, and whether he’d be willing to put you in contact with other patients.

By contacting other individuals, you may be able to form your own support group. Your meeting can be informal or formal, and you might be surprised at the interest of other patients to join your group.

Manufacturer Support

Manufacturers of the shingles vaccine, pain medications or antiviral medications may offer patients afflicted with shingles different types of support. This support can include pamphlets or other information directed towards pain management, information on keeping yourself healthy during the shingles vaccine, or other information about shingles and its treatment.

Keep in mind that assistance from manufacturers is going to be geared towards inducing or purchasing their products. Because of this, the assistance provided through these means may not be completely helpful for your situation or disinterested in truly managing your pain or assisting you with your illness.

Collected Information

Information gathered from multiple sources may provide you with the support you need. Collect everything you can gather from physicians, the Internet, manufacturers and other sources regarding shingles. You can then review this information and glean what is most pertinent to you and what is irrelevant.

The more information you have, the better informed you will be about your illness and the more likely you will be to obtain solutions to your pain and to assist your illness in curing itself. If one piece of information does not work, you will have other information to turn to in order to find something that will provide you with the support you need.

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