Myths and Facts About Fungal Infections

Several types of fungal infections may affect the skin from jock itch to ringworm. Understanding these conditions and sorting through various myths about fungus and fungal infections is important in finding treatment and preventing the spread of these skin conditions.


One of the most common myths surrounding fungal infections is that ringworm, a type of fungal infection of the skin, is caused by a worm. This is not true. Ringworm is actually caused by a fungus. Ringworm is contagious and may be spread from one individual to another. To avoid ringworm, wash your hands frequently and avoid contact with individuals who have ringworm.

Athlete's Foot

Most people realize that athlete's foot is not unique to athletes. Anybody can get it. The fungus that causes athlete's foot thrives in warm, wet environments such as in the shoes or socks. The condition is called athlete's foot because it is common in locker rooms and by wearing shoes and socks during athletic competition or activities the feet get sweaty and warm; and this is the perfect environment for the fungus.

Facts About Fungal Infections

You shouldn't be embarrassed if you have a fungal infection. Some reports show that almost all adults will have athlete's foot at some point in their life and one out of every ten adults will have athlete's foot at a given moment. Fungus is spread in locker rooms, around public pools and in communal showers. Most people have been in a locker room at some point in their life and going to the public pool is a popular social activity. And don't forget that most college students have shared a communal shower. Fungal infections may also be spread by sharing socks or shoes with another person, using a towel with fungus on it or by sharing other common personal items such as clothing and bed sheets. To avoid spreading fungal infections, take precautions such as wearing shower shoes in locker rooms and avoid contact with individuals who have a fungal infection. If you have questions that you'd like answered about fungal infections, causes of these conditions, symptoms or treatments, talk to a skincare professional.

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