Fungal Infections: 5 Treatments Options for Jock Itch

Fungal infections, like jock itch, can be very irritating, as they surface on a recurrent basis and often need to be treated with multiple streams of treatment. Thus, it is vital that various treatment options for jock itch are explored. Some recommended treatments for jock itch include:

1. Natural Cures

Ingesting garlic when trying to fight a fungal infection is highly recommended. Garlic contains natural antioxidants that raise the body’s immunity level, helping to fight jock itch.

Various natural concoctions can be prepared for reducing the abrasion between the thighs worsens jock itch. However, the chosen oils should be readily absorbed by the skin without inducing excessive sweating. It is recommended to coconut oil on the infected area. A few cloves can be crushed and mixed with olive oil for better results. Tea tree oil is ideal for skin application when diluted with a bit of warm water. Almond oil can also be used, but not among people who are prone to profuse sweating in the groin. Certain oils can be easily absorbed by the skin when applied in their vapor form. These oils have antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. This includes oils of cedar, cypress and patchouli oil.

When itching/flaking of skin is pronounced, it is advisable to use natural cures like oregano poultice or poultice prepared from peppermint and lavender that has a cooling effect on the skin. Another option is poultice prepared from diluted grapefruit seed.

    2. Over-the-Counter Treatment

    Topical medications useful for jock itch include broad-spectrum anti-fungal ointments and lotions recommended for surface application. Ointments containing zinc oxide are recommended for relieving itch.

    Over-the-counter medications useful for treating jock itch include:

    • clotrimazole
    • miconazole
    • terbinafine
    • tolnaftate-based formulations

      3. Treatment through Comprehensive Care and Prevention

      Jock itch is caused by a fungus that is commonly found among most people. However, the fungus is able to multiply and induce a rash only when it finds suitable elements like sweat, dirt and moisture. Thus, it is important that daily preventative measures are observed to eradicate this condition. Places encouraging skin contact like swimming pools and spas are often the source of jock itch. It is critical to understand this since jock itch is easily communicable. People with a history of skin rashes or jock itch should be extra careful about their daily cleaning regimen, ensuring that they bathe following strenuous physical activity. Exchanging towels and undergarments should be avoided. Similarly, avoiding tight clothing and use of fabrics suspected of irritating the skin helps to limit jock itch symptoms.

      4. Prescription Medications

      Most antifungal medications are categorized under allylamines and azoles. These medications can restrict the growth of fungus and relieve the symptoms. However, they should be recommended by a qualified dermatologist. Griseofulvin is commonly used for ringworm infections, but it is useful in jock itch also. Common prescription medications include:

      • Oxistat
      • Diflucan
      • Lamisil
      • Sporanox

      5. Alternative Cures: Homeopathy

      Homeopathic seeks to cure jock itch in a more comprehensive manner. Here, active ingredients are used to raise the overall immunity besides relieving the more obvious symptoms. Homeopathic compounds traditionally recommended for jock itch include:

      • Sulfur—it is available in a packaged form in various potency levels. It is particularly useful if applied directly in the cream form. Sulfur helps to fight the fungal infection and relieve typical jock itch symptoms like reddening and crusting of skin.
      • Psorinum—this is one of the most trusted homeopathic compounds found in many homeopathic preparations used for skin ailments like acne and eczema. It works appreciably on the inflamed skin, alleviating the skin’s increased vulnerability. It is ideally recommended for jock itch sufferers struggling with extreme itching and increased sweating.
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