Fungal Infections: 5 Tips to Prevent Jock Itch

Tinea cruris, also known as the jock itch, is among the most common fungal infections affecting the groin area and the toes. The Trichophyton rubrum fungi that causes the jock itch thrives in the moist and warm environments. The infection is signaled by rashes and extreme itchiness. The infection can be treated, but it is easier to prevent it.

1. Shower Regularly

Jock itch can affect both men and women, but men are more prone to developing this type of infection. People that sweat more or suffer from hyperhydrosis are more exposed to getting the jock itch.

Regular showers and proper hygiene are essential to prevent the development of fungal cells. Fungi are typically present on the skin, but they exist in a balanced amount. When the fungal cells overgrow, an infection will occur. The overgrowth of fungi can be facilitated by a warm, moist and sweaty environment.

2. Dry Your Skin after Showering

After each shower, you will have to dry your groin area before putting on clothes. A wet environment is a thriving environment for fungi. Pat the area dry and don’t rub the skin, as it may get excessively dry. Use a powder, which will ensure the area is kept dry. Don’t apply moisturizing creams that may contain various ingredients that could make the area more appealing for fungi.

3. Wear Loose Fitting Clothes and Shoes

The fungi causing the jock itch can occur due to an accumulation of sweat and the lack of air in those regions. Consequently, if you choose loose fitting clothes that will allow the air to circulate, it may reduce the risks of getting a fungal infection.

Avoid wearing fabrics that make you sweat excessively. Avoid polyester or nylon and opt for cotton or other natural fabrics. If possible, change your sweaty socks whenever you need to. Keep a few spare clothes or socks at your office. Wear sandals or open toed shoes during warmer seasons.

4. Don’t Share Towels or Clothes

Sharing or borrowing clothes or swimming equipment is out of the question if you want to prevent a jock itch infection. The fungi may be transmitted from other carriers, and by sharing towels and clothes, the fungi can affect you also. The Trichophyton rubrum fungi can live even on surfaces such as wood or textile materials, so when in saunas or public swimming pools, wear sandals and sit on your towel.

5. Use Antifungal Spray or Powder

If you are prone to developing fungal infections and you have a history of numerous jock itch infections, you should get an antifungal spray or powder and use it on a regular basis. Apply it once per day or at least a couple of times per week, after taking a shower. The antifungal products will prevent the multiplying and development of fungal cells.

The jock itch can be a recurring infection. It is difficult to treat, as the fungi are difficult to eliminate with antifungal creams and oral antibiotics. However, if possible, the infection should be prevented.

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