Cost and Financing of Impetigo Treatments

Impetigo is a skin infection caused by staph and strep bacteria. There are two types of Impetigo: Non-Bullous and Bullous. Both types show many of the same symptoms, including blisters, scabs and swollen glands and thus are treated with the same treatments.

Treatment Options

Both types of Impetigo are treated with antibiotics and methods to sterilize the skin. This can include "bleach baths." Because the treatment conditions are basic antibiotics and treatments to use at home, the cost to treat Impetigo is not high. Mild cases only require a topical antibacterial cream. More severe cases require Penicillin.

Potential Financing Options

Since the cost of treating Impetigo is generally not high, you likely will only have to cover the cost of your co-pays for the office visit and antibiotic prescription. If you do not currently have medical insurance, inquire about the cost of the prescribed antibiotics to see how expensive they are or if there is another option.

Impetigo is a skin condition, but needs to be treated from the standpoint of an infection in order for treatment to be effective. Because antibacterial creams and antibiotics are successful, the cost of treatment is low. Always talk with your doctor about cost concerns before any treatments are executed.

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