Tips for Choosing a Rosacea Specialist

Finding treatment for skin conditions such as rosacea is very important in many cases to those suffering from the condition. This skin disease may cause embarrassing symptoms such as facial redness and flushing, acne, bumps on the nose and eye irritation, which may lead to self-consciousness.

When You Should Seek Treatment

Seeking immediate consultation or treatment upon noticing symptoms of rosacea may prevent the condition from worsening and may help to improve symptoms. Patients should seek treatment when they notice facial redness, red pimples, red lines, bulbous nose or eye irritation.

Doctors Who Treat Rosacea

Dermatologists, family doctors and other skincare professionals provide treatment to patients suffering from rosacea. Nurse practitioners, physician assistants, internists and eye doctors, or ophthalmologists, (when eye irritation is present) may also diagnose rosacea and provide treatment.

What to Look for in a Doctor

Doctors should be well-trained and experienced. The clinic should have a reputation for success and safety and those on staff should be well-trained. Patients should familiarize themselves with the different procedures used to treat rosacea, such as laser therapies and intense pulsed light treatments, and should choose a physician who is experienced in performing these treatments. Inquiring about financing options, expectations, references and how the physician performs the procedure is also helpful in determining if a certain physician is the right fit. Patients may also find it helpful to see before and after photographs of others who have received treatment at a particular facility.

Other Factors to Consider

Patients should also consider where the clinic is located and the price they charge for treatment. A conveniently located clinic not far from the patient's home should be chosen to avoid lengthy commutes after treatment. provides information regarding the cost of rosacea treatments. The most important question patients should ask themselves before choosing a rosacea specialist is: "Am I confident that I will receive a safe and successful treatment from this physician?" Information regarding the physician's credentials and certification can be obtained from the Medical Licensing Board in the state. Checking into a physician's background and qualifications should not be considered obsessive, but rather a necessary safety precaution in ensuring safe and effective treatment to relieve symptoms of rosacea.

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