Rosacea Natural Treatment: Rose Hips

There are skin care specialists that may recommend a rosacea natural treatment called rose hips. Depending on the level of the rosacea that is being treated, it is most important to first consult with your doctor so that you can use the most effective, natural products. When taken on a regular basis, rose hips are a beneficial treatment that provides a significant reduction in rosacea.

How Do Rose Hips Reduce Rosacea?

Rose hips are a berry-like fruit that contain a rich abundance of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, riboflavin, folate and essential fatty acids. Rose hips are an effective source to treat rosacea because they contain Vitamin C that strengthens the capillaries and reduces the redness caused from the skin disorder. Furthermore, the essential fatty acids found in rose hips will also prevent the skin cells from further damage. They work to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

Due to the astringent and anti-inflammatory properties found in rose hips, the fruit has the ability to dissolve scar tissue, reduce inflammation that is associated with rosacea, and stimulate the immune system. Increasing the immune system is a vital step that will help the body fight the symptoms of rosacea.

How to Use Rose Hips

In order to provide relief from rosacea, the recommended dosage for rose hips tea is one to three cups per day, with 1 tsp. of dried rose hips per cup of boiling water. You can gradually increase this dose. There are no known side-effects that have been linked to rose hips. Rose hips are a natural, healthy remedy that provide medicinal benefit to support your overall health.

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