Rosacea Natural Treatment: Digestive Enzymes

An effective rosacea natural treatment is the use of digestive enzymes. Rosacea is a chronic condition that mostly affects women between the ages of 30 and 60. The condition is identifiable by symptoms that include areas of redness and irritation on the face, small red bumps located on the face, as well as visible blood vessels on the nose.

Digestive Enzyme Treatment

Some people who have been afflicted with rosacea also develop indigestion problems, especially after they eat foods high in fat. A study showed that these people have a deficiency in an enzyme that assists in the digestion of fat called pancreatic enzyme lypase. When these patients were provided with pancreatic enzyme supplements, not only was there a decline of their indigestion problem, but there was also a significant reduction in the signs of rosacea.

The reason for the improvement in both their digestion and rosacea problems is that these people were shown to have a lower incidence of gastric acid production. When digestive acids are low, the body is not able to absorb vitamins, minerals and fatty acids properly. The lack of ability to absorb these nutrients can lead to a host of health problems including skin conditions. When enzyme supplements such as hydrochloric acid are taken, the nutrients are able to be absorbed by the body resulting in health benefits.

Forms of Medication

For the most part, digestive enzymes come in pill or casule form. Two digestive enzyme capsules should be taken with meals and similarly hydrochloric acid supplements, if taken in conjunction with the digestive enzymes, should be taken by consuming one capsule three times per day.

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