Rosacea Natural Treatment: Aloe

As a rosacea natural treatment, aloe is mild and effective in helping to reduce the inflammation that accompanies rosacea, a skin condition most commonly affecting adults. The aloe plant has been used for centuries as a laxative and to treat minor skin ailments such as burns or rashes.

Aloe as a Rosacea Natural Treatment

Aloe contains compounds called polysaccharides and glycoprotiens. These compounds are believed to have anti-inflammatory properties and could help in the reconstruction of damaged cells after injury to the skin, such as burns or rashes. An additional compound called acemannan is under research. It is thought that acemannan may stimulate the immune system, enhancing the healing process even further.

How to Use Aloe

Aloe is actually a very easy plant to grow at home. All it needs is full sunlight and soil with good drainage. The plant grows succulent green leaves with a serrated edge. These leaves can be harvested, sliced up the middle, and the gel inside is applied directly to the skin. It is important, however, to clean the area thoroughly with a mild cleanser before applying the aloe gel to the affected area. Aloe is considered very gentle to the skin, but people with an allergy to the lily family should not use aloe as a rosacea natural treatment.

Aloe is often added to lotion, creams and ointment. It is advised that sufferers of rosacea looking for a rosacea natural treatment stay away from commercial topical creams, as they can make an outbreak of rosacea worse. Aloe can also be added to a cold compress to help reduce inflammation from rosacea.

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