Psoriasis and Dark Skin Tones

Psoriasis is a non curable, chronic condition that is caused by the immune system. The disease may cause skin lesions and scaly skin. Psoriasis may affect people of all skin tones, including dark skin tones.

Psoriasis and Dark Skin Tones

The causes of psoriasis are not completely known, but people with psoriasis may have a genetic predisposition. In people with dark skin tones, psoriasis may occur less often than in people with fair skin. However, the activity of the immune system is not affected by the skin pigmentation, so there is no explanation why the incidence of psoriasis is lower in people with dark skin tones.

The disease will manifest in the same way in people with dark skin tones as in people with other skin tones. The skin lesions may be more visible and should not be scratched, rubbed or scrubbed to prevent permanent marks.

Psoriasis Management

Psoriasis doesn’t have a cure, but can be managed. The management in people with psoriasis and dark skin tones will be the same as in people with other skin tones.

The only difference is that if the patient receives photochemotherapy (PUVA) or phototherapy, the light will have to be adjusted according to the skin tone and type of pigmentation. This can be done by the specialist performing the treatment. The condition will also have to be controlled with moisturizing creams that should be adapted to the skin type.

Topical ointments that may cause discoloration to the skin should be avoided by people with dark skin tones.

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