Vitiligo Natural Remedies: Water Kept in a Copper Utensil

The number of vitiligo natural home remedies may seem endless to you, but there is one vitiligo treatment that has stood the test of time. This at home vitiligo treatment has been used all over the world; you could see drastic improvements to your leucoderma (vitiligo) by simpling drinking water that has been kept in a copper utensil. Learn how this vitiligo natural home remedy is used and how it works to correct vitiligo patches on your skin.

Copper Water

By putting fresh water inside a copper utensil and allowing the water to absorb the copper ions overnight, you can begin to see improvement of your vitiligo in less than six months. Drinking copper ion infused water every day, generally in the morning or throughout the day, has been shown to improve the appearance of vitiligo. You can expect to see the patches of vitiligo on your skin practically disappear, as the production of melanin in your body is increased with this home remedy.

Treating Vitiligo Naturally with Copper Utensils

The key to treating the depigmentation of your skin by drinking water with copper ions in it is to allow the fresh water to absorb the ions overnight in the copper utensil. You can find copper cookware in most retail stores and keep the water in a copper pot or pan. You can also shop around for a large copper thermos or flask to hold the water in.

Best Way to Store Copper Infused Water

It's best to have the water sit in the copper container over night at room temperature. Studies conducted in India found that chilling or keeping the copper utensil in the fridge depleted the amount of copper ions absorbed into the water. It is best to drink the natural vitilgo remedy at room temperature.

How Copper Can Help Treat Your Vitiligo

The copper ions that are absorbed in the water are found to stimulate melanin, thus increasing your chances of getting rid of vitiligo patches on your skin. For some, the patches are made less noticeable while others report a disappearance of vitiligo patches. Your results may vary. For vitiligo natural treatment to be most effective, you should consider drinking the copper ion infused water daily as well as using other vitiligo natural remedies with herbs such as Psorela Seed and Tamarind Seed.

To boost the effectiveness of copper water as a natural vitiligo treatment, you can purchase cookware made from copper. This will infuse copper ions into your foods as well. As mentioned earlier, the copper will stimulate the melanocyte in your body to produce more melanin, thus helping the body to naturally correct the effects of vitiligo. Drinking water from a copper vessel as a natural vitiligo treatment is one of the most effective and economical ways to help get rid of vitiligo patches on your skin.

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