Using Lemon Juice to Lighten Freckles: Does It Work?

Freckles are small dark or light brown spots that can appear following sun exposure, preponderantly in people with fairer skin tones. The freckles are actually a concentration of skin pigmentation, and there are several cures that can lighten these. Lemon juice is a natural treatment that may be applied on the freckles to temporarily lighten them. Even if the lemon juice cannot fully eliminate freckles, the juice can reduce the visibility of the freckles. The lemon juice can be effective, but not in 100% of cases.

Lemon Juice for Freckles

Lemon juice is a popular at home remedy for freckles. It has been proven effective for freckle treatment. Ideally, the lemon juice should be freshly squeezed and applied on the face. Commercial lemon juice may contain additives and artificial colors or sugar, which are not benefic for the skin and may also cause irritations.

The face should be clean prior to applying the juice, so that the face is free from any impurities. After applying the lemon juice, this shouldn’t be rinsed; the lemon juice can penetrate the skin.

Lemon juice contains an acid that will have a gentle peeling effect and will also affect the pigments, lightening the freckles. Lemon juice is not a cure for freckles, as the freckles will still be visible. However, by making them less visible, the freckles can be easier to cover with makeup.

The lemon juice should be used for several weeks before the treatment shows results. Pieces of lemon or lemon juice may also be used in masks that are prepared at home.

Disadvantages of Lemon Juice for Freckles

The lemon juice may not be effective in all cases; it may happen that the juice only lightens the skin around the freckles, and this will make the contrast between the skin and the freckles even bigger. Even if the lemon juice does lighten the freckles, this solution is only temporary. Any exposure to sun will cause a new outburst of freckles.

Alternative Freckle Remedies

Freckles can be lightened using home remedies (i.e. sour milk or parsley juice), herbal solutions, laser treatment, bleaching agents, freezing with liquid nitrogen or topical ointments containing different vitamins.

A diet that is rich in vitamin A and E can also lighten the freckles by unifying the skin pigmentation. Vitamin C makes the skin less sensitive to the sun, so a few vitamin C supplements or additional oranges or fruits that contain vitamin C will be beneficial.

Lemon juice is a natural way to lighten freckles; it is a temporary solution and should be applied for several weeks before it becomes effective. The lemon juice can be used as an auxiliary method to keep freckles away. There are also other alternative treatments.

The most important factor in determining the duration of the effects of the lemon juice is the exposure to sun. The sun can cause freckles and can destroy the effects of lemon juice.

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