Unwanted Facial Hair Growth Prevention

Preventing the growth of unwanted facial hair is not possible, as the problem occurs naturally and is not affected by one's environment. In most situations, there are no lifestyle changes that one can make to avoid unwanted facial hair, although certain treatments may be available to stop the growth of facial hair.

Natural Causes

Unfortunately, as unwanted facial growth occurs naturally, there are no lifestyle changes that can prevent the problem from occurring. Unwanted facial hair may be the result of hirsutism, a condition that causes excessive facial or body hair. Studies indicate that this condition is hereditary. Menopause is also a possible cause of unwanted facial hair growth. As levels of dihydrotestosterone are found to be higher during menopause when levels of estrogen drop, follicles are more likely to produce coarse terminal hair instead of fine vellus hair common during the reproductive years.

Possible Treatments

Treatments such as waxing and tweezing may be used to eliminate unwanted facial hair. Shaving is also a possibility. Certain lasers are used more and more to provide effective hair removal for women suffering from unwanted facial hair growth. The laser targets the melanin, or pigment, in the hair. The laser then destroys the hair follicle, slowing hair growth or causing hair to grow back finer and lighter. Before choosing treatment, patients should determine the cause of their facial hair growth. Depending on the cause, different treatments may be recommended.

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