The Cost and Financing of Mole Removal

Though mole removal can seem like a simple procedure, there is some cost involved that could require financing. There are a variety of tests that most dermatologists will perform before removing a mole. There are also a number of methods of mole removal which can be considered, depending on the location and size of the moles and other potential skin problems.

Methods of Mole Removal

Laser removal and cutting a mole off are the two most common methods of mole removal. A mole and the area around it is numbed with a general anaesthetic. The mole is removed with a small scalpel, or a laser can be used much like with scars or other laser skin treatments. You can speak with your doctor about which method is best for your situation.

Cost Involved

Depending on how many sessions of laser treatment or other methods you need and how many moles you are having removed, the cost can range from $125 to $150. Unless the removal of the mole is due to a medical concern (such as cancerous cells), it will likely be treated as a cosmetic need and will not be covered by insurance.

Available Financing

Most mole removal financing is done in-house with the doctor you use. Contact their billing office for exact financing options before you have the procedure done.

Mole removal can seem a little overwhelming or intimidating. Speak with your dermatologist about your concerns and they can help you determine the exact cost and financing options for your treatment.

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