Prevent Dry Skin by Avoiding These 6 Things

People with dry skin may have a difficult time managing this problem. There are a lot of beneficial factors for dry skin (i.e. a humid atmosphere), but there are also a lot of factors and products that need to be avoided in order to prevent dry skin.

1. Sun and Wind

Sun and wind are 2 weather conditions that can aggravate or contribute to the dryness of the skin. When exposed to sun or wind, sunscreen or a moisturizing cream should be used. Hydrosol solutions containing natural ingredients can lock in the moisture and prevent dry skin. Hats or protective scarves are recommended to prevent dry skin.

2. Irritant Soaps

Certain soaps are not recommended for people with dry skin. Soaps that contain synthetic detergents or alkaline soaps are not beneficial, as these remove the essential oils secreted by the skin, which are meant to keep the skin normal.

The soaps that are recommended for people with dry skin should have a gentle formula and contain at least 30% moisturizing cream. Glycerin soap is typically great for people with dry skin. Some dermatologists recommend avoiding soaps altogether and using a gentle solution that contains moisturizing agents.

3. Frequent Baths

Frequent baths can dry the skin, as the essential oils produced by the skin are removed and these cannot be replaced. People that are prone to developing dry skin should avoid baths and take only showers, which shouldn’t be taken more frequently than once per day. The showers should not be hot, but the water should be lukewarm. The skin should be patted dry.

4. Hot Baths and Saunas

Hot baths can dry the skin due to the steam that will dehydrate the skin. Saunas are also bad for the skin and should be avoided. If going to a sauna, it is imperative to use a rich moisturizing oil right after the sauna and the time spent in the sauna should never exceed 15 minutes.

5. Coffee, Alcohol and Nicotine

Coffee, alcoholic beverages and nicotine all cause dehydration, and if consumed in excess, can lead to dry skin. These are diuretics and people consuming these should get at least 3 liters of water per day to compensate the fluids that are lost.

People that are prone to dry skin should avoid all these and should focus on getting foods that are rich in omega fatty acids, which are beneficial for the skin and promote the production of skin oils. In addition, the water intake should be close to 2 liters per day, which will provide the body with the hydration it requires.

6. Products Not Formulated for Dry Skin

Products that are not formulated fro dry skin can dry the skin even more. It is important to choose products that mention the fact that they are suitable for people with dry skin. If the products used dry the skin, they should be immediately replaced.

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