Preparing for Your Appointment Regarding Ingrown Hair

Ingrown hair can prove irritating and may actually be a sign of a hormonal condition if you get them frequently. If you've made an appointment with a physician or dermatologist, you can help your doctor successfully treat and diagnose the problem behind your ingrown hairs by preparing with the following:

Overview of Symptoms

You can help your doctor properly treat your ingrown hair by giving a complete overview of your symptoms. Tell your doctor how long the hair has appeared to be ingrown and if it's in an area in which you normally shave or pluck hairs. Tell her about any pain, itchiness or soreness in the area. Admit whether or not you've tried picking at it and removing the hair yourself (which is not recommended, as you'll be left with scarred tissue). Also, admit if you've continued to shave over the bump, which you should avoid in order to not irritate the skin.

Getting Ready for the Appointment

The day of your appointment regarding ingrown hair, refrain from wearing jewelry, watches, lotions, creams, ointments or perfume so that your doctor can easily access the bump. Wash your skin with scent-free soap and be gentle when washing over the ingrown area. Wear loose, comfortable clothing in case you need to change into an examination gown, or roll up parts of the clothing in order for your doctor to access the area.

Ingrown hair is rarely a serious problem, although if you have too many of them or a hair is taking too long to grow out of the skin on its own, you may benefit from medical treatment.

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