How to Use a Skin Lightening Cream to Get Rid of Freckles

Skin lightening creams help to get rid of freckles by reducing the spotting and pigmentation caused by the clustering of melanin cells. It is important to know how to use a skin lightening cream properly.

Step 1: Choosing Skin Lightening Cream

Most chemically-formulated, skin lightening creams contain a derivative of hydroquinone which is an effective skin-lightening agent. However, hydroquinone can cause adverse reactions among some people. In fact, hydroquinone has been banned in some nations due to its extremely potent bleaching action. People with sensitive skins or flaky skin should avoid using such creams.

While some creams are meant for daily use, some are recommended for weekly use. Some topical, skin-whitening creams are essentially a camouflaged form of strong bleaching agents that can cause irreparable damage to the skin. Thus, it is advised to seek a dermatologist’s opinion before choosing a skin-lightening cream.

Some creams are packed with trace amounts of vitamins like vitamin A. These creams help to provide essential nutrition to the skin apart from lightening the skin tone. Skin lightening creams can also be prepared at home using safe ingredients like almonds, milk and herbs like turmeric.

Step 2: Applying Skin Lightening Cream

Ensure that you understand the application regimen mentioned as a part of the packaged instructions. Most skin lightening creams are meant for facial application. This means that they should be applied only on the face and the upper throat. The cream can also be applied upon the ears and the neck. It is recommended to massage the cream gently. The idea should be spread it evenly. People using the cream for the first time shouldn’t rub too hard, as this may induce an allergic reaction. Skin-lightening creams aren’t recommended for use around the nostrils and eyes.

Step 3: Removing Cream

Most packaged skin lightening creams carry instructions regarding the time they should be left on the skin. Usually, 15-to-20 minutes is regarded as the ideal time for the cream to take effect. Now, proceed to removing the cream. It is better to rinse the cream-covered face first rather than wiping it. Trying to wipe the cream can impact some of the cream upon the skin. People with sensitive skin can use lukewarm water for this purpose.

Step 4: Follow-up Care

Depending upon a user’s skin-type, follow-up application after removing the skin lightening cream may or may not be applicable. People with dry skin should moisturize their skin with a basic/light moisturizer to avert drying or flaking of the skin. It should be noted that well-moisturized skin is likely to yield faster results in terms of the skin tone getting lighter.

People who are seeking additional improvement in their skin and use skin serums should apply these products about half-an-hour after removing the skin-lightening cream to avoid any contradictory reactions.

Many herbal creams are available that help to rejuvenate the skin when applied overnight. Choosing a hypoallergic, follow-up cream with natural ingredients like vitamin C is a good idea since it helps to revitalize the skin and is a proven anti-dote for freckles.

Step 5: Taking Basic Precautions

Use of additional, bleaching compounds should be discontinued. Such cosmetic products might deepen the lightening aspect beyond the required extent, causing pigmentation rather than gradual lightening of the skin. It is wise to help the cream yield faster results by protecting it from proven, skin-darkening causes such as the sun's rays.

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