Excessive Sweating? Pros and Cons of Axillary Suction Curettage

Excessive sweating, often a sign of hyperhidrosis, can be an embarrassing condition that can impede social situations and even normal physical functions. If you've suffered from extreme perspiration and temporary measures can't keep it in check, you may be considering axillary suction curettage to permanently cure the problem. You should weigh the pros and cons of this procedure before you decide.

Pros of Axillary Suction Curettage

Long-Term Effectiveness
Excessive sweating can be somewhat controlled with non-invasive methods like anti-sweating gels, lotions and antiperspirants, but nothing can permanently stop the problem short of surgery. There are other more effective solutions than gels and lotions, such as electric shock and medication, but both require life-long commitments to keep sweating under control. Axillary suction curettage involves the permanent destruction or removal of sweat glands in problematic areas, so the sweating stops completely and permanently.

The Most Effective Armpit Sweating Control
While axillary suction curettage can't effectively treat all sweating problems, this works both ways. Electric shock generally only works for the hands and feet, as it requires that the problematic areas be submerged, so it can't treat armpit sweating. ETS is most effective for hands and feet, but not particularly effective for armpits. If you suffer from excessive sweating in the armpits, axillary suction curettage is the most effective solution.

Of the Surgical Options, There Are Fewer Risks
One of the reasons that you may choose axillary suction curettage over other surgical options is that there are fewer risks associated with this surgery. While both axillary suction curettage and most ETS procedures are outpatient surgeries, some forms of ETS actually require hospital stays because they deal with delicate nerves. Likewise, ETS comes with the risk of permanent nerve damage, whereas axillary suction curettage takes place much closer to the skin's surface and is not as invasive.

Cons of Axillary Suction Curettage

It Can't Treat All Sweating Problems
Axillary suction curettage actually is not that effective for treating sweating problems on the hands, feet and face. There are, however, other surgical solutions, such as endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS), that affect the body's nerves in order to stop excessive sweating in these areas.

Permanent Scarring and Possible Reduced Function
One of the greatest cons associated with axillary suction curettage is permanent scarring, as entire sections of skin are stretched or removed, although advances in the industry have made it possible to perform the procedure with minimal scarring. Because the procedure is typically performed in the armpits, any scarring that results can cause the skin to become taut. This can make raising your arm above your head or stretching your arm out painful and nearly impossible to achieve, especially if the wound healed improperly and resulted in some reduced muscle function.

Axillary suction curettage can be an effective method of stopping excessive sweating permanently, particularly if your problematic areas are in the armpits. While there are cons to the procedure, and there may be a more effective method for fixing other types of excessive perspiration problems, axillary suction curettage is generally one of the most effective solutions.

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