Excessive Sweating: 4 Best Short Term Options for Treating Sweaty Palms

Getting surgery isn't an immediate or easy decision, so short-term options for treating excessive sweating on your hands can help you cope with your perspiring problem. While you shouldn't expect long-term results, any of these treatment options can help lessen the frequency or extent of the sweat:

1. Antiperspirants

It may seem odd to use an antiperspirant on your hands, but the only reason most people only use it on their armpits is because that's typically the only area in which they experience excessive sweating. If you have excessive, frequent sweating on your hands, you can use an antiperspirant there. However, many commercial products may not have enough power to relieve your sweating, so look for antiperspirants with 10% to 20% aluminum chloride or tannic acid, but be careful to watch for an allergic reaction. You may have to get a prescription to find one strong enough.

You can increase the effectiveness of the antiperspirant by putting it on heavily at night and then wearing gloves or wrapping your hands in plastic wrap to seal in the solution. Be careful not to cut off circulation.

2. Anti-Sweat Lotions

Instead of antiperspirants, you can try anti-sweat lotions, which will have the pleasant side effect of keeping at least some layer of moisture in your hands so that you don't completely dry them out, further compounding the problem. Look for specialized lotions, as regular lotions will moisturize your hands without getting rid of excessive sweating, and your hands are already moisturized enough. These lotions should contain similar ingredients to the antiperspirants, particularly aluminum chloride. As with topical antiperspirants, you can increase the effect of anti-sweat lotions by applying them liberally at night and covering with gloves or plastic wrap.

3. Electric Shock

A specialized form of electric shock therapy, called iontophoresis, can shut down your sweat glands for short periods of time and is most effective at treating the hands and feet. You should expect to have your hands immersed in a tub of water through which mild jolts of electricity course for 10 to 40 minutes every other day for a period of 5 to 10 days. Results can last in the long-term, but you come back for maintenance visits every 1 to 4 weeks, so it's really a short-term solution.

4. Botox (with Caveat)

Botox injections have been proven to work as a short-term solution for excessive sweating by causing sweat glands to swell and block up. However, it is most ideal for excessive armpit sweating, for which it can last 3 to 6 months. Using Botox in hand sweating has proven effective, but nowhere near as effective as it has been for armpit sweating. It is also generally considered more painful and - as you use your hands for so many tasks - harder to recover from. Few short term solutions can match its simple, immediate effectiveness. Just be sure that you discuss this option with your doctor before proceeding.

Short term solutions to treating excessive sweating on your hands can at least make the situation more bearable until you can visit your doctor for a long term solution. If you don't like the idea of surgery or medication, you can at least better control your symptoms with any of these treatments.

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