Does Goose or Duck Fat Really Work to Heal Chapped Lips?

Believe it or not, using goose fat or duck fat to heal chapped lips, cracked lips or dry lips has been around since ancient times. This home remedy was probably used by your grandma or great grandma. You may have heard of this method of healing chapped lips before, but thought of it as an old wives tale and never believed it would actually benefit your chapped lips. But, the truth of the matter is, it does work to heal and treat chapped lips.

Using Goose or Duck Fat to Treat Chapped Lips

It is unlikely that you can go to the grocery store or even a natural foods store and pick up a vat or vile of goose of duck fat to heal your chapped lips. So, how do you get duck fat to heal chapped lips? The answer is simple. Buy a duck or goose to cook, keep the fat in a container in your fridge, and use it whenever you have chapped lips or dry lips and need a natural remedy for them.

Other Remedies Available for Chapped Lips

It is understandable that many people do not want to apply an animal product to their lips or any other part of their body, even when this means they can get exceptional healing of their chapped lips. Vegans and vegetarians, or those weary of using an animal product to obtain a cure for chapped lips, have other alternatives to heal chapped lips. Using Shea butter, olive oil and coconut oil can also have the same healing effects as duck fat or goose fat to treat chapped lips. Apply these natural chapped lips remedies to your lips several times a day.

Use these products at home frequently, and enjoy the healing effects for chapped lips that they produce.

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