Cost of Lice Treatment

Lice are often a nuisance, causing itching and uncomfortable situations for many patients. Some individuals may even be embarrassed by the condition. Fortunately, there are treatments that have shown to be effective in relieving lice, although patients should still take precautions to avoid spreading them to others.

Over-the-Counter Medicine

Fortunately, treatment for lice is relatively inexpensive. Medication starts at about $10 over the counter, while special combs to kill lice may cost about $30.

Prescription Creams

Prescription medications may be used in some cases as well. Talk to your doctor to determine if prescription medication is necessary. Speak with your insurance carrier to determine if they will cover the cost of treatment.

Oral Medications

If prescription or over-the-counter creams, lotions or shampoos do not work, your doctor may prescribe an orally taken medication. Again, speak with your insurance carrier to determine if they will cover the cost of the medication.

Allergies and Itching

In some cases, lice may cause itching or allergic reactions. Creams and calamine lotion may be recommended to treat these side effects. These are relatively inexpensive treatments and start at around $5. Always wash your clothes and bed sheets if you have lice. Avoid contact with others and inform your family and friends that you have lice so they may take the proper precautions to avoid getting lice themselves. If you are embarrassed about having lice, avoid close contact and do not share personal items with others.

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