Cost of Excessive Sweating Treatments

The cost of for excessive sweating treatments are based on a variety of factors including the type of practitioner you use, where you live, and of course the type of treatment you receive. Here are some examples of the average treatment costs:


Botox is a non surgical procedure that prevents the glands from releasing perspiration. The cost for Botox is based on the amount of solution used. On average this treatment can cost $700-$2000.

Prescription Deodorants

There are a variety of antiperspirants that are specifically designed to treat excessive sweating conditions. One of the most widely used brands, Drysol, contains a higher dose of aluminum chloride than regular deodorants. The average cost of Drysol is around $16-$18.

Oral medication

There are a variety of oral medications to help combat excessive sweating.

• Anticholinergics such as Glycopyrrolate
• Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors such as Topiramate
• Clonidine

These medications can range from $30-$200 depending on the required dosage.


This is a treatment that uses mild electrical stimulation. Patients purchase equipment for this treatment through a doctor's prescription. The price for a home machine depends on the brand and model type and can cost anywhere from $200-$1000.


There are a number of surgical options that provide dramatic improvement for excessive sweating. Surgeries for excessive sweating can cost $1000-$5000 on average. It is important to consult with your skin care professional regarding treatment for your excessive sweating. Your skin care professional will perform a thorough examination of your condition and determine which treatment option will provide the best outcome. Keep in mind that some excessive sweating procedures can be covered through a health care plan. Consult with your medical insurance company to find out if your specific treatment is covered.

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