Top Causes of Lice

Lice may be found on the scalp, pubic area, armpits, facial hair, eyebrows, etc. Lice may cause itching and can be very irritating. They are commonly found on the head and neck in small children, although adults may also get head lice. If you or your child has lice, speak with a qualified physician for treatment advice.

How are Lice Spread?

Contrary to what some believe, lice cannot fly or jump. Close contact with a person who has lice or sharing personal items such as a hair brush may spread lice. Sharing hats and clothing may also spread lice. Avoid sharing personal items with another person who has lice.

What are the Different Kinds of Lice?

Head lice is most common in small children in preschool or elementary school, although adults may get head lice as well. Adults who live with small children may be at increased risk of getting head lice. They are usually found on the head, behind the ears or on the back of the neck.

Pubic lice are most commonly found in the pubic region, although they may also be found on facial hair, eyebrows, armpits, eyelashes and on the chest. Pubic lice may also be called crabs.

Body lice live on clothing. They also lay eggs on the clothing and only go onto the body when they eat.

Patients are encouraged to discuss lice infestation with a physician for more information about how to treat the problem and how to avoid spreading lice to others. also contains further information about lice and possible treatments.

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