Blisters Prevention

Blisters are pockets of fluid that develop on the top layer of the skin. They are generally caused by the rubbing or friction of the skin with another surface and can be an annoying and painful occurrence to those who develop them. Blisters are commons amongst athletes or those who play sports on a regular basis. Runners will often develop painful blisters due to the constant friction between the skin of the feet and the shoes. Most blisters look like a bubble on the top of the skin and can vary in size.

Preventing Blisters

Blisters are caused by friction on the skin. Those who run, play sports and are active are more at risk for developing blisters. To prevent blisters from appearing, one needs to put a stop to the friction and rubbing that can cause them.

The proper footwear should always be worn to prevent blisters on the feet. Shoes that fit properly are a must, as well as socks that absorb excess moisture on the skin. Never wear athletic shoes with no socks, especially while exercising or running. Individuals who run may also tape the areas of the foot that are prone to blisters, including the heels and toes. Duct tape or bandaids can be used for this, or any type of tape that will stay in place throughout a heavy workout. Rubbing and friction can also be prevented by applying petroleum jelly or baby oil to areas prone to blisters.

Blisters often start out as hot spots on the skin. The area of the hot spot will be warm and red before the blister develops. Once you notice a hot spot on the skin, treat it as soon as possible to prevent a blister from appearing. It is best to apply petroleum jelly or oil to the hot spot and to change into dry socks if your current socks are wet. If possible, avoid any type of rubbing or friction to the area of the hot spot.

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