Areas of the Body Mohs Surgery Treats

Mohs surgery, which is also known as chemosurgery, is used to treat various forms of skin cancer. It's been proven to be highly effective in treating basal cell carcinoma. The cure rate of Mohs surgery in treating basal cell carcinoma is said to be between 97 and 99.8 percent. This surgery has the highest rate of cure while still protecting healthy surrounding tissue.

Used on Various Body Parts

Mohs surgery is used on body areas where basal cell carcinoma is present that are anatomically important such as the ears, eyelids, lips and hands. Because this surgery is so precise, it almost never causes damage to surrounding healthy tissue. This surgery also lessens the chance for scar tissue and regrowth of the cancerous cells, because the root of the cancer is removed. Surgeons that are specially trained for it provide Mohs surgery on an outpatient basis.

Hands, Face and Throat for Cosmetic Reasons

Because the surgery leaves very little scar tissue, it is the perfect option for those worried about disfigurement or scars showing after the procedure. Mohs surgery is used on the hands, face and throat as well as other areas of patients. Although there is no guarantee that there will be no scar tissue, Mohs surgery does lessen the likelihood of scarring.

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