9 Misconceptions about Women's Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss may not be as commonly met as male hair loss, but it is an issue for some women. There are a number of misconceptions linked to women’s hair loss.

1. Women’s Hair Loss Occurs Early

Even if cases of hereditary hair loss will show signs starting from the age of 20, some women will not experience hair loss until later in life. This may be true if the hair loss is due to pregnancy and hormonal changes. Often, hair loss occurs only after the onset of menopause.

2. The Use of Hair Products Can Affect Hair Loss

The use of hair products may affect the quality of the hair, but will not cause hair loss. However, for the health of the hair, it is recommended to opt for products that contain fewer chemicals and more natural ingredients.

3. Blow Drying Hair Causes Hair Loss

Some people believe that blow drying their hair may lead to hair loss. This theory cannot be demonstrated. However, blow drying can affect the quality of the hair, making it dry and more prone to breaking. There are a few hair conditioners that can nourish the hair and prevent excessive dryness.

4. Stress May Cause Hair Loss

Hair loss is not caused by emotional problems or stress. However, stress can be a factor determining various behaviors including the obsessive stroking of hair, which can cause temporary hair thinning.

5. Dandruff Leads to Hair Loss

Dandruff is a skin problem that occurs in a great percentage of adults, however, the presence of dandruff will not lead to hair loss.

6. Wearing Hats Leads to Hair Loss

Women wearing hats will not lose more hair than women that won’t wear any hats at all.

Hats that are too tight may cause headaches, but will not lead to hair thinning.

7. Cutting the Hair Short Will Prevent Hair Loss

Some women believe that cutting the hair short or even shaving the hair will result in the strengthening of the hair follicle and prevent hair loss. While this may be true for the rest of the body hair, as a hair removal procedure will make the body hair grow stronger, it will not apply to the hair on the head.

8. Frequent Hair Brushing Can Prevent Hair Loss

Some women think that brushing the hair frequently, several times per day, will stimulate blood circulation and prevent hair loss. Hair loss is caused by genetic factors and the brushing and massage of the scalp may improve the blood flow to the head, but will not influence hair loss.

Excessive brushing can cause the loss of more hairs, as the brush may weaken the hair follicle, making it easier for it to be pulled out.

9. Regular Sexual Activity Prevents Hair Loss

Hair loss may be caused by a hormonal problem. However, this is not related to the sexual activity of a patient and consequently the frequency of sexual intercourse will not influence whether the patient will be balding or not.

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