6 Great Collagen Products

There are several great collagen products available to improve life. There are many manufacturers of these products, and personal preference dictates which is best.

1. Face Mask

This product, when used regularly, helps to reduce fine wrinkles by toning the skin on the face and neck.

2. Facial Serum

Collagen facial serum is rich in antioxidants and works by protecting skin from environmental pollutants.

3. Skin Cream

Collagen-rich face cream helps the body with cell renewal, thereby reducing wrinkles. Some studies do contest this product. They state that collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin's cells.

4. Oral supplements

These supplements are known to augment smooth skin, when taken regularly. Given the proper dosing, these supplements also work to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body firm and strong and help to treat painful arthritis.

5. Natural or Homemade Products

Every great collagen product does not need to be purchased in a retail store. Try making these effective products at home: mix honey and a raw egg for a face mask, mix milk and cucumber juice for a facial wash, mix vegetable oil, honey and lemon juice to moisturize skin and, finally, mix lemon, grapes and egg white to treat oily skin.

6. Natural Collagen

This category is a little different "product." Natural collagen production can be dramatically increased by eating a diet with a sufficient amount of vitamin C, L-glutamine, L-proline and several amino acids. These nutrients help the body manufacture a great product, natural collagen. This regime reduces the need for supplements.

Experiment and see what works best for to fix the issue at hand, whether it is a wrinkle, arthritis or a muscle, tendon or ligament that needs supplemental support. Collagen comes in many forms and is well tolerated in most instances.

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