5 Ways to Hide Excessive Sweating on Your Hands

Excessive sweating in the hands may be a symptom of hyperhydrosis, a condition best permanently treated through surgery on the hand and wrist. However, if you don't like the idea of surgery or you're still waiting for surgery, you ought to know how to hide sweaty hands to save yourself from embarrassment.

1. Wear Full Sports Gloves while Working Out

Sports and physical activities are some of the biggest triggers of excessive sweating in the hands. These activities also provide the perfect cover for your sweating problem. Wearing sports gloves will hide the fact that your hands are sweating and will also absorb much of the sweat, making it easier for you to grip balls, bats, clubs, rackets and other sports equipment. Sports gloves are also often designed in a way that makes them a perfect compliment to a jogging or workout outfit, even if you're not playing contact sports.

2. Wear Fingerless Sports Gloves while Doing Intricate Work

Sports gloves with open fingers can also help you accomplish tasks outside of physical activity, such as typing, writing, drawing, crafting or anything that involves intricate use of your hands. The fingerless gloves will absorb sweat from the palm while leaving your fingers more flexible than full gloves. If anyone asks why you're wearing the gloves, you can say they're for wrist support during these types of tasks.

3. Carry a Handkerchief

There are times when wearing gloves to hide excessive sweating seems too awkward to explain, like during business transactions and social gatherings indoors. Often during these occasions, you'll be expected to shake hands with new people and having wet hands can give you a poor first impression. Keep an absorbent handkerchief in your pocket or purse at all times. When you're expecting an introduction, turn away and quickly wipe your hands against the handkerchief. Your hands may still be clammy, but they'll at least be dry when you make your introduction.

4. Wear a Wrist Brace

You can wear a wrist brace on your right hand to social gatherings and business meetings where you might have to shake hands. Be prepared to field questions about what "happened" to your wrist. Since you may be wearing it often, you might just say that it's for wrist support. If you don't feel comfortable presenting this white lie, you may want to rely on the handkerchief to hide excessive sweating instead.

5. Keep an Item in Your Hand

Even if you try the wrist brace trick, you may find polite people willing to shake hands with your left hand instead. You can slow this down, giving you time to wipe some of the sweat from your hand, or deter it completely by keeping something in your free hand during social gatherings and meetings, like a drink or a notepad, depending on the situation.

If treating excessive sweating on your hands is not an option or you have to wait before you can get adequate treatment, learning to hide the sweating can make your life much easier. However, be aware that there are also nonsurgical ways to lessen or reduce the frequency of the sweating on your hands, in lieu of just hiding it.

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