5 Tips for Concealing Your Birthmarks

Birthmarks are benign, soft swellings on the surface of the skin. Birthmarks may come in different shapes and sizes and may be located anywhere on the body. Most dermatologists don’t recommend surgery to remove these birth marks, but there are many ways these birth marks can be concealed, depending on where they are located.

1. Makeup and Medical Makeup

The easiest way to conceal birth marks is to use makeup. The makeup is recommended for areas that are more visible such as the face, neck, cleavage or hands and arms.

There are several powerful skin foundations that can effectively conceal the birth marks. The skin foundation may conceal both smaller and larger birth marks, regardless of their color. The foundation may be in liquid or solid form, so you should experiment with these and find the solution that is best suited for you. It is important to choose a product that won’t irritate the skin and will have a 12 hour action. Waterproof products are more recommended, as they are more practical.

The foundation may also be covered with powder. There are also some types of pencils that may be used to conceal small birth marks. Choose products that are right for your skin type and skin shade, so that these won’t stand out. Opaque concealers are not recommended, as these may be visible.

If you choose the right tone of color, the concealer will not be noticeable. If you are in doubt, ask a beautician for a few tips and test a number of products and shades until you get the best possible result.

2. Hair Styles

If the birthmarks are located on the face, ears or the neck, certain hair styles can be recommended to conceal these skin imperfections. Talk to a hair stylist and decide on a hair style that could partially cover your face or neck, so that the birth mark will be less visible. There are several hair styles which can be adapted according to the location the birth mark you are looking to conceal.

3. Scarves

Scarves may hide a number of skin imperfections that are located on the neck, arms or back. These may also be worn on the head and may conceal birth marks that are on the forehead area.

Choose scarves that are made of natural materials and won’t irritate your skin. Get colors that match your skin tone and outfits. The scarves are a subtle way of hiding the birth marks.

4. Hats

Hats can conceal birth marks that are present on the face, especially in the temple area. Wide brimmed hats may also conceal other imperfections on the face or the neck, making shade. Sun glasses can also conceal birth marks that are located on the face.

5. Clothes

Clothes can conceal birth marks that are located on the arms, legs or other areas of the body. When you choose a swimsuit, you can choose the pieces strategically, so that these may hide the possible birth marks you have on your body.

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