5 Natural Ways to Treat Dry Skin Rashes

One can get dry skin rashes due to various reasons. Dermatitis, dry weather and allergic reactions of the skin are some of the common reasons. Dry skin rashes may not cause much discomfort to most of the people. However, it may lead to severe itching and redness, and when scratched, it may lead to infection and inflammation. Hence, it is necessary to treat these rashes so that further complications can be prevented. There are number of natural ways to resolve this problem.

1. Oatmeal Bath

Oatmeal is excellent for curing rashes in a natural way. Take 1 cup of unflavored oatmeal of any variety and grind it to a consistent and fine powder using mixer blender. Take a glass of hot water (no boiling water) and add 1 tbsp of the grounded oatmeal and mix it nicely so that no lumps are formed. Then, add this oatmeal mixture to the bath tub filled with water. Mix it evenly with water so that it gets distributed evenly and no lumps are present. Now soak in this bath tub for 15 to 20 minutes. As oatmeal is a soothing agent, it is beneficial in reducing the itchiness from the dry skin rashes.

2. Aloe Vera

Dry skin rashes can be best controlled by the use of Aloe Vera gel or extract. This gel has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties to reduce the inflammation, rashes and prevent infection. Thus, it speeds up the healing process of rashes.

3. Shea Butter

This is a natural vegetable butter that is extracted from the nuts of Karite tree. Nuts are dried, hulled and then processed to extract Shea butter, and this has been used by Africans in skin care regimen for centuries. Essential fatty acids in this butter help in maintaining the moisture and elasticity of the skin. It also contains mild sunscreen benefits that can block UV radiations in the sunshine.

4. Oil Massages

It is beneficial to use cod liver oil to control the dry skin rashes as it also gives a healthy glow to the skin. It soothes the rashes and reduces itchiness of the rashes. It can also effectively control the spreading of the rashes to other parts of the body. Olive oil is also an excellent moisturizer that can be used to reduce rashes of any type.

5. Herbs

Essential oil of chamomile has very good anti-inflammatory properties which can cure all types of skin rashes and even reduce itchiness. As it has a calming effect on nerves, it soothes the rashes when applied in the form of essential oil. Other herbs like witch hazel or St. John’s wart are also effective in treating these itchy rashes.

Consult a dermatologist when the discomforts caused by dry skin rashes go beyond control or become very severe. Underlying reasons can be found only through proper diagnosis. Medical treatment is required to treat severe conditions of these rashes.

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