Myths and Facts about Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that may affect mostly men, but women may also experience this problem. Even if the hair loss is an ancient problem, there are still various myths about the causes and treatment of this condition.

Myth: Only Men Are Affected by Hair Loss

Fact: Hair loss is a condition that may affect a large number of men, but it may also be present in women and may occur at early ages (i.e. at 20).

Myth: Stress Causes Hair Loss

Fact: There are many speculations regarding the causes of hair loss, and stress is believed to be a strong contender. However, there is no evidence to back this theory, so stress doesn’t influence hair loss.

Myth: Tight Hats Cause Hair Loss

Fact: Even if tight hats may stop the blood circulation, this is not a factor that can cause Hair Loss. Some people say that wearing any kind of hats can lead to hair loss, but this is not true.

Myth: Lack of Hygiene Causes Hair Loss

Fact: Hair loss is not influenced by the hygiene of the patient. Some people believe that keeping the hair dirty may affect the hair follicles and result in hair loss, but this theory cannot be confirmed. However, a proper hygiene is important to prevent skin irritation and infections.

Myth: Shaving the Head Regularly Can Strengthen the Hair Follicles

Fact: Some men shave their heads in attempt to strengthen the hair follicles and hoping to get healthier hair and less hair loss. This practice cannot prevent hair loss; quite on the contrary, regular shaving of the head may speed up the hair loss process. A similar theory, that of cutting the hair short (in women) to strengthen the hair, has no substance.

Myth: Dandruff Causes Hair Loss

Fact: Hair Loss cannot be influenced by the presence of dandruff. The dandruff doesn’t affect the hair follicles, so this factor will not contribute to the excessive hair loss.

Myth: Brushing Can Improve Hair Quality

Fact: Even if brushing improves the blood circulation in the scalp area, brushing the hair excessively (i.e. as some recommend brushing 50 to 100 times per day) can lead to hair loss and injury of the scalp.

Myth: An Active Sex Life Can Prevent Hair Loss

Fact: There are a few people that believe that an active sex life can prevent the hair loss or improve the quality of the hair. This is only a myth and cannot be backed up by scientific data.

Myth: Hair Loss Is Hereditary

Fact: Even if hair loss and the quality of hair is determined by genetics, it is important to know that the genes may come from the mother’s side and may be a recessive gene from a great grand father of the mother, who may be bald.

However, if most of the patient’s relatives have a healthy scalp, the patient has high chances of not losing hair either.

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