Hair Loss Natural Remedies: Onion Juice

If you are dealing with any kind of hair loss, you may be interested in knowing about different hair loss natural remedies that people are talking about around the world. One of these is the use of onion juice, which is supposed to help the scalp in various ways, and, for some patients, help control or reverse hair loss. Since hair loss can be an extremely embarrassing condition or cause self-image issues, lots of those who are losing hair look to different kinds of possible cures, including special shampoos and medical products (as well as natural cures like onions and garlic).

The results of each of these strategies differ for various individuals, and it can take a lot of research, as well as trial and error, to find hair loss treatments that work for you.

Onion Juice: Why It Might Work

There is science behind the idea that the juice of a fresh onion might help with hair loss. One of the first arguments for onions is that onions contain a high sulfur content. Sulfur is concentrated in your nails and hair, and some experts suggest that the sulfur in the onion can get to the hair roots through the scalp when the onion juice is massaged into the scalp. Some also suggest that you can simply eat foods like onions that are high in sulfur, and your body will deliver that sulfur to the hair.

In addition, onions and garlic are widely considered to help in promoting circulation, in areas like the scalp. Improved circulation can stimulate the hair follicles and help to grow hair, which is another reason why onion juice might work against hair loss. Those who like to promote onion juice and other natural remedies say it helps to “regenerate” hair follicles.

Using Onion Juice

A lot of the people who use onion juice for preventing hair loss extract the juice from a fresh onion, massage it into the scalp, and leave it there for half an hour before shampooing.

One concern about onion juice is that it can produce an unpleasant smell, even later after it has been washed out of the scalp. Some people add items like lemon juice to counter the strong aroma of the onion.

More on Onion Juice

Because onion juice is a home remedy, it’s hard to get definitive information on how well it works for the average patient. Doctors often recommend more clinical medications for hair loss, such as formulations like Propecia or Rogaine. Anecdotal evidence from testimony shows that onion juice has been effective for at least some hair loss sufferers, and accounts from various countries suggest that the onion juice cure might be particularly effective on females with special conditions that inhibit hair growth.

Talk to your doctor about the best treatments for your specific case of hair loss.

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